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Search for keyword: provide full verses + ability to read chapter + come back to search results

I wanted to search for verses about obedience. It is nice that the app is able to search for a term and list the verses containing that word, along with the actual text. BUT... it does not provide the full text for longer verses. It would be nice to expand that to see the rest of the verse in the list, but when clicking on it, it takes you to the actual verse in the bible, which is fine if you wanted to read the full chapter for context, but if it wasn't what you were looking for or if you wanted to see what the other verses in that list had to say, then you're stuck having to start over with the search. It would be nice if there was a "return to search results" button at the bottom of the screen, similar to what you see when you click on a footnote or follow a verse reference. 

So: please provide a way to expand the text and/or a way to switch back to the search results after following a link into the scripture for surrounding context. 

  • Chris Smith
  • Jan 31 2017
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