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Add a Timeline focused reading plan (a true chronological plan).

A timeline or chronological reading plan is one where the reading follows the books and verses in the order they were written in time.  IE when did it happen?

 For example, reading chronologically we would start at Genesis 1 to 15, then the book of Job, then back to Genesis and follow the normal published order until the end of Numbers 15. Then we head over to Psalms 90 and back to Numbers 16 and so on.  

This is a very useful reading plan in that it allows one to gain a true understanding of the order that biblical events and stories took place in history.  It helps to put the stories into perspective and bring it to life.  One can also study what was going on around various parts of the world at the same time to further relate where things fit together.  Adding BC or AD dates to book headers would be helpful in this respect also, allowing readers to learn when individual stories or books were written and or set in history. 

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  • Jan 31 2017
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  • Lawrence Brown commented
    January 31, 2017 21:39

    Agreed,Glo this should be reopened.  This plan is currently not offered. It's a popular reading plan.

  • Guest commented
    February 1, 2017 14:00

    Glo... I wrote this original idea post (that you have finally reposted as your own) ages ago and you closed it as having been already offered. Ive tried 2 times to get this message across and just gave up. I was trying to offer suggestions with real thought put into them. If you had said no, it won't be implemented I would think that's a missed opportunity for your customers and oh well... but I was left bewildered as to how you could mark this off so fast as already implemented... twice!


    Im amazed and happy to see you finally listening. I sincerely Thank you!