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Bring back old look and feel please

Sorry - the new look and feel of this App pales in comparison to the older version which was vibrant and exciting and encouraged a deep dive into the bible. If I had to pay for this now, I wouldn't and would not use it if it were free. I don't understand why virtual tours are missing and why you have launched something that is harder to use and less intuitive. Please consider reintroducing the old platform but with improvements. I'm disappointed.

  • Donna Beamish
  • Feb 19 2017
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  • Graham Castle commented
    April 6, 2017 01:10

    I have exactly the same concern - I feel ripped off as I paid a lot for what was offered before - then it was taken away - I no longer use it as I used to in my lectures, lessons or personally. It had so many winning features, now I no longer recommend it to anyone - infact I discourage them. I used to have numerous students who would ask me what I was using & got a copy themselves. Many actually began reading the Bible for the first time because of the previous app. I think you have had very poor advice about going to this downgrade. I would at the very least like access to the previous version without any further upgrades - I would use it immediately, recommend it, & stay with it against all the competition. Why is this message not getting through?

  • E Whitesides commented
    October 3, 2017 03:52

    I agree that the new look is a "downgrade".  The old version was much easier to read, the highlights were "prettier" (the new colors and look are just drab and ugly - grey highlighting!?).  I also would LOVE to have back the feature where you could turn down the brightness.  the new version is so bright it hurts my eyes and I have to turn down the brightness on my phone to counteract that.  Annoying...